Search Engine Optimization Google Style

Incredibly just a decade ago, the big daddy of  search  called “Google” didn’t even exist, let alone have a multitude of people scrambling to make their websites  search   engine   optimization  Google friendly in order to capture a potential avalanche of new online business.

Google now holds first place among all the major  search   engines , which means a lot to people who are making their livings online. Increasing numbers of marketers play by the rules of Google  search   engine   optimization ; those who do not are liable to loose significant business.

Google’s success lies in how the founders created and refined the technology behind the Google  search   engine , because it understands what surfers are looking for and delivers better  search  results than competitors.

Their strategy worked and today Google alone accounts for 60 percent of all  searches  that are done online, leaving just 40 percent of the  searches  divided between all of the other major  search   engines . Those statistics essentially make Google the behemoth in the industry and that makes it clear why  search   engine   optimization  Google strategies are a closely guarded secret and are constantly being refined.

Google primarily uses “spiders” to catalog the web, and the results are shown to the surfer. Google spiders give positive attention to quality inbound linking and content.

Pertinent links that direct users from relevant webpages to your site are important to maximize Google  search  results of your site. The weight of the links will vary depending on quality of the sites you’re linking to, the use of text links instead of banner ads, the quality of the text on the page where your link is, and the page rank of those sites.

Using an advanced algorithm, Google checks your web pages for good quality content and easy readability, as opposed to nonsense composed of nothing but keywords without complete sentences. Google’s style is to have quality content, while delivering value to a customer using a  search  engine.

It is no longer true that your meta description, title, and keywords are the primary factors in your Google rankings. These things are helpful, but you should utilize your time by building up good content as well as quality links.

Google employs a technology called Page Rank which measures the overall importance of a site. This rank is a result of an very complex equation that draws in information for over 500 million variables. A portion of this analysis takes into consideration the quality of the links both to a page and from it and assigning it a value. Thus making the  search   engine   optimization  Google uses to rate your web site extremely complex and hard to fool. But as in most  search   optimization  efforts, quality content and sound  optimization  techniques will make your site more relevant and ultimately achieve higher rankings