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Lanyards Used for Awareness


Creating social awareness programs can be challenging. Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer are some of the social awareness programs many non-profit organizations take part in. Lanyards are now preferred to be used for various awareness programs to stop or spread awareness to all. Here a few

1. Awareness for Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer is a serious issue and not many individuals know the cause or its effects. With the help of lanyards such awareness can be spread. There are 2 types of lanyards used for this awareness. One comes with a pink strap while the other comes with pink ribbon.

2. Different Ribbon Color Lanyards – A lanyard comes with different sizes shapes and even colors for various different programs. These are a few to mention.

  • Pink Ribbon – As we know, pink ribbon resembles support for breast cancer.
  • Green Ribbon – Environmental issues such as cutting down of trees and population along with organ transplantation is supported with the help of green ribbon lanyards.
  • Red Ribbon – Health issues based on alcohol and drug abuse along with AIDS awareness is done with the help of red ribbon lanyards.
  • Purple Ribbon – Various Cancer related issues and serious diseases like epilepsy, lupus and fibromyalgia are spread through purple lanyards.
  • White Ribbon – Any domestic issues happening within a country is spread with the white ribbon lanyards.

Promotional lanyards are a good option to spread the awareness.