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Anchoring a Door to a Masonry Entryway

While wood door frames are commonly used for doors in walls made from drywall or plaster, metal ones are generally used in masonry walls.

Steel is less resistant to rot and decay, standing up to moisture and fluctuations in temperature better than a wood frame could.

Metal frames are generally put in place before the masonry wall is built, but sometimes there is a need to install one later, into an existing masonry entryway.

In these cases, special anchors are used to installing the frame. Once a steel frame is anchored into a masonry door frame, a door can be attached in the usual manner.

Selecting a Steel Door Frame

It is important to choose one that is appropriate for use in masonry walls. Steel frames that are designed for use in masonry walls will have a 4-inch header. You can browse for masonry in Ringwood.

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This is necessary so that the top of the door frame will line up with the masonry. The overall thickness of the walls must be measured since the frame's jamb depth needs to equal this thickness.

The size of the frame is also important, and the overall size should be 1/2-inch smaller than the measured width of the door opening, and 1/4-inch shorter, so that the frame will fit properly into the opening in the masonry wall.

Installing the Steel Door Frame

In order to drill the holes at the proper location on the masonry door opening, you need to carefully measure the height of each of the frame's pre-manufactured dimpled areas.

Mark these locations on the inside of the masonry door opening, and then use a masonry bit to drill all the hole locations that you marked.

Planning a Steel Door Frame for Masonry Walls Which Haven't Been Built

If the masonry wall hasn't been built yet, you can install the door frame in advance. Select a frame with a jamb depth that will equal that of the finished walls. There should be a wire or T-strap anchors on it.

Using the plans for the wall as a guide, set the frame in the spot where the door opening will be, and measure until the frame is completely level, using wooden shims if necessary.